Dr. Ajit Saxena - Urologist In Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Dr. Ajit Saxena's Menzhealth Clinic in Noida. Menzhealth offers the best medical treatment for infertility, prostrate cancer, prostrate enlargement, urinary tract infection, kidney stones, erectile dysfunction, cardiac health and sexual disorders. Dr. Saxena is a renowned, well acclaimed and acknowledged Urologist and is expert in robotic and bloodless surgery. Dr Ajit Saxena was awarded UP Ratna by Uttar Pradesh Government for his distinguished services in medical field.

Honours & Scholarships

1. Junior Science Talent Search Scholarship, 1969-1972

2. National Science Talent Search Award. NCERT, 1972

3. Merit Scholarship of Delhi Administration for Academic Excellence in M.B.B.S., January 1973 to December 1977

First Prize & Silver Medal

Surgery (M.B.B.S.) 1978Topped in M.S. (General Surgery) Examination.Delhi University 1982 Passed F.R.C.S. Examination in first attempt

OISCA International

Japanese Award (1996-97) for pioneering work in prostate surgery in this part of the world.

Lions Achievement of the year award (1997-98) for professional excellence.

Penile Implant https://www.drnearby.com/pimg/267582472edb94a0dee03bdabbc59d00b06220c1d.png

Penile Implant

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January 04, 2019

What are Penile Implants? Penile Implants or also known as Penile Prosthesis are devices placed completely within the body. It is another treatment option available for men with erectile dysfunction. When all else treatment fails, Penile implant is one more option for persons with erectile dysfunction. Although sildenafil (Viagra) has changed the rule of the game, it is a fact that a large number of patients will not either respond or cannot take it because of side effects. View More

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  • Robotic Surgery in Urology

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    January 04, 2019

    Dr. Ajit Saxena is the pioneer of performing globally robot assisted vaso-epididymal anastomosis – a procedure done for male infertility. He is one of the top experienced doctors treating various View More